Philosophy for Teens

Philosophy for Teens

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Explore philosophy through thought-provoking questions for teens 

If you like to ask deep questions about the world around you, then you already think like a philosopher. This book presents philosophy through fascinating questions you may have already thought about, like: Can we prove the existence of a God? What are minds, really? How can we be sure about anything? Ponder all these ideas and many more as you learn core philosophy concepts and strengthen your critical thinking skills.

What sets this book about philosophy for kids ages 12 to 16 apart:

  • An introduction to philosophy—Discover the history of philosophy, what makes a question philosophical in nature, and how being a philosopher can benefit you.
  • The six main branches—Find questions organized by their branch of philosophy: metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, logic, aesthetics, and political philosophy.
  • Philosophy in practice—Learn which philosophers asked and answered each question, explore different sides of an argument, and apply philosophical concepts to real life.


Ponder life’s biggest questions with this teen-friendly choice in philosophy books.