Essential Crystal Meditation

Essential Crystal Meditation

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Deepen your meditation with the power of crystals

Crystals are a natural tool for channeling positive energy through your body and mind—especially while you meditate. But with all the colors, shapes, and properties of crystals out there, where do you begin? If you’re seeking to infuse crystals into your meditation practice, this is your must-have guide to unlocking a new level of wellness.

What sets this crystal book apart:

  • The essential stones—Find a clear explanation of crystal healing and how it works, with a convenient list of 50 powerful crystals and their key characteristics.
  • Your crystal companions—Learn how to make sure the right crystal finds you, and discover how to enhance its properties to align with your goals and intentions.
  • Elevated meditations—Put your crystals to use as you meditate with amethyst for better sleep, with rhodochrosite to manifest love, or with aquamarine for finding calm.


Supercharge your meditation practice with this book of crystals for beginners.