A Couple's Goals Journal

A Couple's Goals Journal

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Improve your relationship as you develop and track goals

When you and your partner set goals together, you’re making progress toward the future you both want. This 52-week goals journal offers a variety of guided activities and prompts for building a strong relationship. Establishing, reaching, and celebrating your goals will help bring you closer.

  • SMART-er together—Creating goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound will help you track your progress and achieve them.
  • Goal for it—Each week, you’ll assess the progress you’ve made and explore engaging activities including fun date nights, like creating a scavenger hunt or stargazing.
  • Space for both partners to respond—Each person has a dedicated place to write so that you can both reflect on your progress. Once the year is complete, look back on this journal as a wonderful keepsake.


Achieve your relationship goals and celebrate the joy you share together with this goal planner.