Mental Health Workbook for Women

Mental Health Workbook for Women

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Take charge of your mental health with this supportive workbook for women

Women are expected to juggle countless roles, and our struggles often go overlooked until something falls apart—but it doesn’t have to be that way. This engaging workbook will show you how to prioritize your needs and teach you practical tools for taking control of your life and mental health.

What sets this mental health journal apart from other self-improvement books:

  • Proven methods—Build the skills to address your mental health goals using evidence-based methods, including cognitive behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy.
  • Empowering exercises—Explore your triggers, learn how to ground and calm yourself, practice radical self-acceptance, and more.
  • Real women’s stories—Get inspired and feel less alone by reading about women just like you who’ve struggled with anxiety, fear, and self-doubt.


Overcome obstacles that stand in the way of better days with the Mental Health Workbook for Women.