The Worry (Less) Journal

The Worry (Less) Journal

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Release your worries through guided journaling

Too much worry can prevent you from enjoying life—but with the right tools and a little practice, you can quiet your mind and redirect your energy. With inspiring prompts and engaging exercises, this journal provides a safe space to express your feelings, explore the reasons behind your anxiety, and learn to relax and focus on the positive.

What sets The Worry (Less) Journal apart:

  • An understanding of worry—Discover exactly what worry is and how it can manifest in your body, emotions, and relationships.
  • Many ways to find calm—Explore affirmations, writing prompts, mindfulness practices, and other interactive activities that help you manage worry in the moment and reduce it in the future.
  • A flexible approach—Work through these prompts at your own pace and in any order you like—there’s no wrong way to use this journal.


Learn how to stop worrying and start living with help from these proactive prompts and practices.