PTSD Recovery Workbook for Teens

PTSD Recovery Workbook for Teens

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Help teens manage PTSD symptoms and move forward

It can be hard for teenagers to move on after experiencing a difficult event. Fortunately, young people are more than their trauma. This workbook highlights how healing is possible, empowering teens to face their PTSD and learn to advocate for themselves.

In this PTSD workbook teens will:

  • Unpack PTSD—Teach teens what types of trauma cause PTSD, the specific impact it can have on them, and how symptoms may manifest mentally and physically.
  • Heal through exploration—Discover activities and strategies to help teens process their triggers and traumas, from creating a sanctuary space to practicing setting healthy boundaries.
  • Hear from other teens—Find reassurance in stories about other teenagers who have also experienced PTSD.


Give teens the tools they need to work through their trauma and improve their mental health with this encouraging PTSD book.