Managing ADHD Workbook for Women

Managing ADHD Workbook for Women

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Manage your ADHD and live your best life

Having ADHD comes with challenges, but it can also make you creative, unique, and energetic. This ADHD workbook for adults breaks down the symptoms of ADHD, with strategies for navigating the ones that might be holding you back and emphasizing what makes you feel confident and capable.

  • Skill-building exercises—Learn simple ways to improve practical skills like time management and organization, as well as emotional skills like acceptance and self-esteem.
  • Relatable stories—Find inspiration in stories from other women with ADHD and how they’ve used these tips to succeed personally and professionally.
  • Support for all women—This advice is designed to be useful no matter your age, your lifestyle, or when you were diagnosed.


Learn how to embrace adult ADHD with evidence-backed tips and activities that can help you achieve your goals.