52-Week Feelings Journal for Teens

52-Week Feelings Journal for Teens

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Help your teen explore their feelings using this guided journal

Being a teenager comes with a lot of feelings, and this supportive journal is the perfect place to explore all of them. Using writing prompts and evidence-based practices, teens will reflect on their emotions and get to know themselves better every day for a whole year.

What sets this guided journal for teens apart:

  • Feelings basics—The handy Feelings Chart located at the beginning of the book will help your teen identify their feelings as they work through this journal.
  • 52 weeks of feelings—Journaling prompts built around weekly themes like “connection with others” and “making decisions” will encourage teens to explore their emotions and learn how to express them.
  • Feelings challenges—Simple weekly challenges like writing a letter to a friend, listening to a new kind of music, and saying hello to someone new at school will help them put everything they’re learning into practice.
  • Mindfulness exercises—They’ll wrap up each week with short exercises to help them learn how to live in the moment and feel happy, calm, thankful, empathetic, and confident.


Give the teen in your life a safe place to explore their inner world with the 52-Week Feelings Journal for Teens.