Parenting Adult Children: 52-Week Devotional

Parenting Adult Children: 52-Week Devotional

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Reflect and pray as your children find their path

When your children become adults, navigating your changing relationship with them can leave you feeling unsure of yourself. This devotional encourages you to rely on your faith for guidance and patience. It features a year’s worth of weekly devotions to help you work through the challenges and appreciate the good times as your family grows up and evolves.

What sets Parenting Adult Children apart from other parenting books:

  • Moments of reflection—Find a variety of passages from Scripture, paired with words of wisdom and simple prayers that provide deep insight in just a few minutes each week.
  • Meaningful guidance—Get advice for keeping a positive mindset about your child’s future—whether they’ve moved back home, become distant, or need some extra support.
  • Reassuring stories—Take comfort in relatable lessons and examples from the Bible, and the author’s own experiences parenting adult children.


Learn how to parent an adult child with a book of devotions and prayer that reminds you to be encouraging, welcoming, and loving.