Healing from the Emotionally Absent Mother

Healing from the Emotionally Absent Mother

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Make peace with your past and embrace your present

Your relationship with your mother was central to your development. If her emotional care was lacking, it may have led to anxiety and self-esteem issues that persist into adulthood. This journal helps you examine the true impact of her emotional absence and teaches you strategies to work through the self-doubt and damage to your mental health.

What sets Healing from the Emotionally Absent Mother apart from other journals:

  • Powerful prompts—Reflect on your relationship with your mother through thought-provoking prompts that help you overcome feelings of sadness and shame so that you can start prioritizing your needs today.
  • Effective exercises—Begin healing with exercises that emphasize self-care, like engaging in soothing mindfulness practices and compiling a list of healthy coping strategies.
  • An inviting approach—Feel safe to explore your past openly and honestly with this welcoming journal that offers clinically proven guidance and a supportive tone.


Acknowledge the impact of your mother’s shortcomings and liberate yourself from the past with help from this healing journal.