5-Minute Mindfulness for Raising Toddlers

5-Minute Mindfulness for Raising Toddlers

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Keep calm and parent on

Life can be a chaotic adventure when you’re raising toddlers, full of hilarious moments—and plenty that make you want to pull out your hair. This guide can help you keep your cool and reduce stress by turning to mindfulness. It’s filled with easy 5-minute exercises designed to generate positivity and peace of mind.

What sets this apart from other books about parenting toddlers:

  • Stay grounded—Discover how tools like breathwork and visualization can keep you grounded in trying times.
  • Building a sustainable practice—Develop a consistent mindfulness routine and stay motivated with 5-minute exercises you can tackle even on truly hectic days.
  • Empowering exercises—Dive into a range of mindfulness activities perfect for parents, from learning how to meditate on the move to coloring your way to calm with (or without) your child.


Adopt a mindfulness practice and start alleviating parenting stress today.