5-Minute Mindfulness for Pregnancy

5-Minute Mindfulness for Pregnancy

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Find calm as you connect with your body and your baby

Pregnancy is a time of great excitement and change. So it’s only natural that you’ll experience overwhelming moments as well as joyful ones. This guided journal can help you approach each day with grace and self-compassion, by turning to mindfulness. It’s full of short and easy exercises designed to generate positivity, connection, and peace of mind.

What sets this pregnancy book apart:

  • Principles of mindfulness—Explore the basic tenets and benefits of mindfulness and discover how tools like breath work and visualization can keep you grounded in times of transition.
  • Build a sustainable practice—Quick 5-minute exercises make it simple to develop a consistent mindfulness routine and stay motivated even on the toughest days of your pregnancy.
  • Explore empowering exercises—Dive into a range of mindfulness practices designed for pregnancy, from yoga poses that alleviate discomfort to journal prompts that celebrate your changing body.


Feel relaxed and remain present as your pregnancy progresses with this handy guide to mindfulness.