The Tea Recipe Book

The Tea Recipe Book

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Turn every day into a tea party

Tea just might be the perfect beverage. There’s always a type or blend to fit your mood, whether you want to curl up with a hot cup of Earl Grey or cool off with an Iced Peach White Tea. Now with this recipe book in hand, you can celebrate the diversity of flavors as you learn how to make an array of tea drinks and tea-infused snacks.

What sets this tea book apart:

  • Brewing basics—Learn all about infusions, decoctions, making concentrates, and more as you delve into the fundamentals of optimal tea brewing.
  • Tea-riffic recipes—Indulge in 50 recipes ranging from a piping hot mug of Chocolate Chai to a refreshing glass of Thai Bubble Tea, plus some teatime treats to go with them!
  • The ideal cup—Prepare any tea to perfection with tips on temperature, steep time, and using just the right amount of leaves for each drink.


Discover how easy it is to prepare specialty tea drinks at home with The Tea Recipe Book.