Keto Smoothie Recipe Book

Keto Smoothie Recipe Book

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Drink your way to ketosis

Going keto doesn’t mean giving up the satisfaction or convenience of smoothies. These rich and flavorful recipes toss out traditional ingredients like milk and sugary fruits, offering enjoyable alternatives that will help you keep your carbs low and achieve your health goals.

What sets this healthy smoothie recipe book apart:

  • Keto smoothies explained—Learn all about the science of smoothies and how they can become an important cornerstone of a successful keto diet.
  • 75 tasty recipes—From Chocolate Hazelnut to Virgin Bloody Mary, discover a full range of ketofied recipes—complete with plenty of mouthwatering photos—that are sure to satisfy.
  • Clear carb counts—Each smoothie lists its total carb count right at the top of the page, making it easy to find the options that will fit into your day.
  • Beginner-friendly options—New to the keto diet? Choose from a selection of hydrating and restorative recipes designed to help fight the “keto flu” and keep you feeling your best.


Keep smoothies on the menu with this standout smoothie cookbook.