Card Games for One or Two

Card Games for One or Two

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Deal yourself a good time

In today’s high-tech world, sitting down with a deck of cards is a simple pleasure. With an engaging collection of beloved classics, this book is filled with 52 card games made for one or two players.

What sets this card game book apart:

  • Card games 101—Become a savvy player in no time with a rundown of everything from common card lingo to tips for winning strategies.
  • Smart organization—This compendium is divided into solo and two-player games and organized by game type (capturing, trick-taking, etc.) so you can quickly find something that suits your mood.
  • Clear instructions—Master the mechanics of any game and jump into play right away with help from simple directions and illustrations that are easy to follow.


Learn thrilling new card games you can enjoy solo or with a partner.