The 5-Minute Mindfulness Journal for Teens

The 5-Minute Mindfulness Journal for Teens

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Help teens tackle stress and anxiety with 5-minute mindfulness prompts

Mindfulness can improve teens’ overall well-being as they navigate the ups and downs of adolescence. This guided journal helps teens let go of worries and boost their self-confidence through quick prompts and practices that show them how to focus on the present moment and enjoy the small stuff.

What sets this teen journal apart:

  • Four key areas of mindfulness—Teens will learn to notice physical sensations in their body, recognize how their thoughts shape their reality, work through different emotions, and change any unhelpful behaviors.
  • Many ways to be mindful—Writing prompts, visualization practices, and other relaxing activities help teens focus their thoughts and relieve everyday stress.
  • 5-minute exercises—Teens can infuse more positivity and self-awareness into each day with simple activities that only take a few minutes to complete.


Give teens the tools to manage anxiety and cultivate joy with The 5-Minute Mindfulness Journal for Teens.