Growing Up Feeling Great

Growing Up Feeling Great

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Get familiar with your feelings—a puberty guide for boys 8-12

Puberty is an exciting time—but it can also be overwhelming as relationships evolve and feelings become more intense. This guide explores these inevitable changes and teaches boys how to stay positive even when life gets a little bumpy.

This standout among puberty books for boys provides:

  • Emotional awareness—Boys will learn all about how the brain controls their emotions, the effects of their rising hormones, ways to improve their outlook when feelings of anger or embarrassment arise, and more.
  • Engaging exercises—Kids will gain a better understanding of how to handle their emotions with interactive quizzes, matching exercises, and calming activities like deep breathing or muscle relaxation.
  • Awesome illustrations—Colorful drawings help emphasize important info and make reading this book tons of fun.


Help boys develop a positive mindset and strengthen their coping skills so they can successfully navigate puberty.