Superstar Potty Training Book for Girls

Superstar Potty Training Book for Girls

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Help your toddler discover her potty power

Is it time to say goodbye to diapers and start toilet training? Ease the transition with this supportive book designed to familiarize kids 1 to 3 with how girls use the potty and inspire them to become a potty superstar. 


  • A trip to the potty—This easy and entertaining read walks kids through potty training step-by-step, from identifying that first tummy rumble to washing hands once they’ve finished their business.
  • Charming illustrations—The book’s vibrant pictures are guaranteed to delight your toddler, keeping her engaged in the story while providing visual clues for the potty-training process.
  • For all families preparing for the potty—This book was written for every type of family and every little girl between 1 and 3 so each tiny reader can see herself in the story.


Get ready to ditch the diapers with this encouraging potty training book for girls.