Gratitude is Your Superpower

Gratitude is Your Superpower

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Show them the power of looking on the bright side—an introduction to gratitude for kids 5 to 7

Learning to appreciate the good things, both big and little, is an important step in growing up—and it’s never too early to help little ones build those skills. This beautifully illustrated storybook teaches young kids how to practice gratitude and keep a positive mindset through simple, real-life scenarios that are easy for them to understand. It’s written with clear language for adults to read aloud, and features discussion questions and activities that encourage kids to talk about what they learned and use it every day.

Go beyond other gratitude books for kids with:

  • Gratitude heroes—Little superheroes Grace and Guillermo model easy, age-appropriate ways for kids to be more grateful every day.
  • Ways to set a good example—Kids will learn how to express thanks, how being kind can make them happier, and how to inspire others to feel grateful, too.
  • A lifetime of good feelings—These tips, reflections, and games will help kids develop healthy skills that they’ll use for the rest of their lives.


Teach kids to feel good about the world around them with a fun and friendly book about the importance of gratitude.