The First-Time Mom’s Handbook for Raising Toddlers

The First-Time Mom’s Handbook for Raising Toddlers

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Questions about raising toddlers? You’ve come to the right place.

Congratulations! Your baby is now a toddler. This is an incredibly exciting time, where kids learn and grow by leaps and bounds. But it also comes with a whole new list of questions and challenges—especially if it’s your first child. Are they eating right? Are these tantrums normal? Should they be talking more? This supportive guide is full of clear advice for tackling development, behavior, communication, and more, so you can raise a happy, healthy toddler.

What sets this toddler parenting book apart:

  • A friendly Q&A format—Feel like you’re talking to a knowledgeable friend with topics presented as conversational questions and answers.
  • Easy organization—Each chapter covers a different aspect of toddler wellness, from potty training to self-esteem, so you can easily flip through the pages to find what you need.
  • Tips for tykes on any timeline—Keep using this book as your little one grows! It’s designed for the widest possible range of toddlers—from about 18 months to 5 years old.


Find pro tips for parenting toddlers with this ultimate book of frequently asked questions.