The Easy 5-Ingredient Indian Cookbook

The Easy 5-Ingredient Indian Cookbook

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Cook delicious Indian cuisine with simple, 5-ingredient recipes

Indian cooking features so many vibrant flavors and textures—and now you can create it in your own kitchen using just a few simple ingredients! From tempting pakoras to hearty dals and mouthwatering stir-fries, this cookbook illustrates how quick and easy it can be to prepare incredible Indian dishes for any meal.

What sets this Indian cookbook apart from other Indian food cookbooks:

  • Indian cooking fundamentals—Learn about India’s regional food differences, staple spice blends, and must-have ingredients for cooking success.
  • A variety of 5-ingredient dishes—Discover an array of flavorful recipes for appetizers, vegetarian entrees, dals and curries, and meaty main courses—all made with a handful of easy-to-find ingredients.
  • Recipe tips and tricks—Get the most out of each recipe with suggestions for enhancing flavors, saving time in the kitchen, swapping ingredients to accommodate dietary needs, and more.


Enjoy homemade Indian cuisine without a hassle—The Easy 5-Ingredient Indian Cookbook shows you how.