The Kitchen Witch's Guide to Healing and Self-Care

The Kitchen Witch's Guide to Healing and Self-Care

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Nurture yourself with kitchen witchcraft

Kitchen magic can nourish your body, mind, and spirit, and can help you find the power in your daily tasks. In this enchanting natural healing resource for the kitchen witch, you’ll learn how to whip up culinary magic with a focus on self-care.

  • Ingredients are key—Discover the magical properties of herbs, tea leaves, vegetables, and grains that you can choose to incorporate into your meals.
  • The role of self-care for witches—Explore how you can heal your body, mind, and spirit with self-care practices like making your needs a priority and getting to know yourself.
  • For body and soul—Learn to create magical remedies and practices like a Kitchen Cleansing Ritual, Harmonious Mind Tacos with Slaw, and Strengthening Chocolate Mousse.


Add a little magic to your domestic life with The Kitchen Witch’s Guide to Healing and Self-Care.