The Plant Based Low-FODMAP Diet

The Plant Based Low-FODMAP Diet

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Discover gut relief on a plant-based low-FODMAP diet

A low-FODMAP diet limits certain carbs, improving gut health and soothing IBS-related discomfort—and now you can make it plant-based! Indulge in mouthwatering, plant-based recipes that avoid high-FODMAP foods and help you find relief. This cookbook features all the dietitian-backed meals and advice you’ll need to create your own whole-food, low-FODMAP meal plan.

  • Identify low-FODMAP foods—Learn to distinguish between low-FODMAP and high-FODMAP foods, so you can make smart decisions for your health and well-being.
  • Two-week meal plan—Eat delicious, gut-friendly recipes in a customizable two-week meal plan as you eliminate and reintroduce high-FODMAP foods, identifying what works for your body.
  • 75 flavorful recipes—Enjoy a variety of appetizing recipes, from sweet strawberry smoothies for breakfast to spicy buffalo sauce over veggie-stuffed eggplant for dinner.


Boost gut health with a plant-based, low-FODMAP diet and a customizable meal plan.