Mindfulness Workbook for Perfectionism

Mindfulness Workbook for Perfectionism

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Embrace mindfulness and make peace with imperfection

It’s easy to think of perfectionism as a positive attribute. But the pursuit of total excellence can come at a cost; many perfectionists deal with anxiety, depression, or a general sense of disconnection. This perfectionism workbook encourages you to explore your own relationship with perfectionism and shows you how mindfulness exercises can help you overcome it.

  • Understand perfectionism—Learn why perfectionism often takes root, from parental demands to societal expectations, and how it can manifest in different ways, like having unreasonable standards and low self-worth.
  • Explore mindfulness—Discover why mindfulness is so effective at managing perfectionist tendencies and how it can cultivate patience, acceptance, and nonjudgment.
  • Build your practice—Gain insight into your own perfectionism with thoughtful writing prompts, and develop mindfulness strategies through meditation, breathing exercises, and more.


Rethink your relationship with perfectionism and adopt a healthier mindset through mindfulness.