The Bipolar Disorder Journal

The Bipolar Disorder Journal

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Balance your emotions and manage bipolar disorder

This journal is a great way to get in touch with your moods and feelings so you can truly understand how bipolar disorder affects you. It’s full of writing prompts and exercises to help you recognize your triggers, build healthier relationships, and try out simple coping skills that actually make you feel better.

  • Organized and accessible—Explore five sections that each cover a different aspect of bipolar disorder, with clear language and guidance that’s easy to follow and remember.
  • Get personal—Find out what works for you with questions, activities, and weekly symptom trackers that help you notice your habits and behaviors over time.
  • Expert advice—This book is written by a licensed professional counselor who specializes in type I and type II bipolar disorder.


Discover what you need to feel happier and in control with The Bipolar Disorder Journal.