Astrology for Beginners

Astrology for Beginners

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Demystify astrology with this beginner’s guide

Astrology can open new doors to self-discovery and spark life-changing growth—and the good news is, it’s easy to learn and apply! Astrology for Beginners is packed with practical guidance to help you harness the power of the stars and enhance every aspect of your life, from your daily routine to your hopes and dreams.

  • A thorough introduction—Explore what astrology is, the benefits of studying it, and how it evolved into the modern tool it is today.
  • Need-to-know concepts—Build a strong foundation for your astrology practice with complete breakdowns of the four elements, three modalities, 12 zodiac signs, and the planets.
  • Astrology in action—Learn how to interpret your birth chart and incorporate astrology into your self-care routine, relationships, and career.


Unlock the wisdom of the cosmos with this beginner-friendly choice in astrology books for adults.