DBT Workbook for Anxiety

DBT Workbook for Anxiety

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Ease your anxiety with simple exercises based in dialectical behavior therapy

Good news—it’s possible to find relief from your anxiety and begin to flourish. This insightful workbook helps you manage your stress by introducing dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and showing how it can help you manage your emotions, soothe stressful thoughts, and practice effective coping strategies.

What sets this DBT workbook for adults apart:

  • The foundations of anxiety and DBT—Learn more about the psychology of anxiety, then dive into the core principles of DBT: mindfulness, tolerating distress, regulating your emotions, and improving your relationships.
  • Engaging exercises—Put your new skills in action with prompts and activities like paced breathing, reframing negative thoughts, and self-soothing exercises.
  • Track your progress—Stay motivated by setting long-term goals and recording changes and improvements in your feelings and behaviors.


Break free from stress and worry with the supportive DBT Workbook for Anxiety.