Zen and Happiness

Zen and Happiness

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Hone your Zen practice and harness joy

Life is filled with thrilling highs, crushing lows, and everything in between. But often, we spend too much time planning for and reacting to our experiences, rather than simply "being" in them. This thoughtful guide shows you how to integrate Zen traditions into your daily life so you can focus on letting go, being present, and finding bliss in the moment.

What makes this a standout among Zen books:

  • Get an insight into Zen—Learn about the foundations of Zen as you delve into its Buddhist roots, investigate a beginner’s mind, and gain greater awareness of how the practice spurs self-reflection.
  • Redefine happiness—Through the lens of Zen Buddhism, see how mindfulness observations can help you achieve greater contentment.
  • Develop a practice—Discover a range of exercises to help you put the principles of Zen into practice, from mindful eating to walking meditations.


Cultivate happiness through regular Zen practice with help from this insightful guide.