Baby Sign Language Songs and Games

Baby Sign Language Songs and Games

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Build language skills with 65 signing activities for babies and toddlers

The best way to teach your little one sign language is to make it fun and engaging! This book is filled with easy songs and games that make practicing sign language a playful part of your daily routine with your baby.

What sets this baby sign language book apart from the others:

  • Baby sign language basics—Learn more about sign language for babies and toddlers, how it can help support your little one’s overall language development, and how to get started with age- and stage-appropriate signs.
  • Easy-to-follow exercises—Discover step-by-step instructions, expert tips, and helpful illustrations with every sign language activity.
  • Learning through play—Teach your baby fundamental vocabulary words with silly songs like Baby Shark and fun games like Teddy Bear’s Birthday.


Sing, play, and bond with your little one as they develop sign language skills that will last a lifetime.