Bird Watching Field Journal

Bird Watching Field Journal

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Create a record of your birdwatching adventures

When you’re out birding, one of your most important tools is a convenient and easy-to-carry journal to track your discoveries. Complete with birding basics and more than 100 pages to detail key information about the birds you encounter, this journal is a must-have for new and experienced birders alike.

What sets this bird book apart:

  • Birdwatching 101—Learn about field etiquette and safety, how to properly identify birds, and tips for getting the most out of this journal.
  • Detailed logs—Write-in lines and space for sketches help you capture everything you need, from location to beak shape, to later confirm your identifications.
  • Your bird life list—Extra pages offer plenty of space to write down every bird you see, ensuring you can keep track of your entire birdwatching legacy.


Grab this birdwatching book today and set off on expeditions you’ll never forget.