Empathy Journal: A Book for Kids

Empathy Journal: A Book for Kids

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Help kids ages 6 to 9 grow their empathy

Building empathy is key to the social emotional development of kids—but did you know it can be fun too? Packed full of engaging prompts that will get kids ages 6 to 9 thinking about their own feelings and the feelings of others, this journal will teach them how to put themselves in someone else’s shoes, be kind, and be a good friend.

What sets this book about teaching kids to be kind apart from other empathy books for kids:

  • Awesome activities—Kids will better understand emotions through fun exercises like writing about how their body feels when they’re happy, drawing their own “feeling fish,” exploring how they’d make a scared bunny feel safe, and more.
  • Room to write—Each page offers plenty of big lines and blank space, ensuring little hands can write or draw as much as they want in response to each prompt.
  • Colorful design—This book features a warm and welcoming design with adorable illustrations to ensure that kids remain engaged as they journal.


Encourage your child to learn about empathy with a journal that goes beyond other social emotional books for kids.