The Enneagram for Christian Couples

The Enneagram for Christian Couples

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Grow as a couple and as Christians with the Enneagram

Recognizing your true self is essential to cultivating a strong relationship with your partner and with God. The Enneagram for Christian Couples offers expert insight into the Enneagram (a personality assessment with 9 distinct types), coupled with Scripture-based guidance to help you and your partner grow together and with Christ.

What sets this Christian Enneagram book apart:

  • Enneagram assessments—Discover your personality type through a series of easy assessments, and learn about core traits, communication style, common conflicts, and more.
  • Powerful partnershipGain a deeper understanding of the interplay between each personality type and how you and your partner can use this knowledge to best support one another.
  • Scriptural guidance—This Enneagram book draws a clear connection between the Enneagram and Christianity, using excerpts from Scripture to highlight how knowing our true selves can bring us closer to God.


Tap into the power of the Enneagram to fortify your faith in your partner and the Lord.