Best of Classic Card Games

Best of Classic Card Games

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Discover all the best card games, all in one place!

Cards are perfect for having fun, passing the time, and engaging your brain—by yourself or with a group. But what if you can’t remember the rules? Or can’t decide what to play? This compendium breaks down 80 beloved card games, so it’s easy to get game night going and keep the table running smoothly.

Make your next card game the best one yet with:

  • Something for everyone—Spend an evening with friends playing Canasta, play solo with Spider, or get the kids involved with Slapjack and Crazy Eights—just to name a few.
  • 2 ways to search—Look up games by name or by number of players (up to 8!) so you can check the rules while playing, or find a game that works for your group size.
  • Quick visual aids—Find a labeled illustration of the card arrangement for each game to help ensure successful play.


Get ready to shuffle up and deal like a pro with this essential book of card games.