The Alzheimer's Activity Book

The Alzheimer's Activity Book

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Ease the journey through dementia with engaging activities

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s can be meaningful and fun with the right approach. This activity book takes you through a variety of exercises designed to engage the mind, generate positivity, and improve quality of life. With interactive games, art projects, musical activities, and relaxation practices, you’ll find plenty of resources to help your loved one participate and succeed.

  • Understanding Alzheimer’s—Learn more about the dementia journey, and discover expert advice on how to be a supportive and effective caregiver.
  • Address key needs—Explore activities that target key areas for Alzheimer’s patients: memory and personal identity, cognitive engagement, routines and everyday living, social engagement, and relaxation and peace.
  • Simple supplies—All of the exercises are specifically designed to be practical and accessible, typically requiring only basic materials like a pen and paper.


Activities include: Creating a Visual Scrapbook, Opposite Words, List It!, Sound Bingo, Cookie Cutter Fun, Card Decorating, Recording Words of Wisdom, Making a Recipe Collection, and Easy Gardening

Boost connection and engagement in Alzheimer’s patients with this positive and practical activity book.