A Year of Spiritual Awakening

A Year of Spiritual Awakening

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Nurture your spirit through 365 days of reflection and inspiration

You are a spiritual being having a human experience—and understanding your spirit allows you to navigate this experience with greater awareness and intention. This book offers daily prompts and practices that help you explore your inner life, gain fresh perspective, and awaken your soul to the joy that surrounds you.

This top choice in spiritual awakening books goes beyond other spiritual books to include:

  • 12 months of awakening—Find inspiration for your journey with focused guidance for each month of the year, highlighting key elements of spiritual awakening like identifying your values and stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • Quick and meaningful exercises—Take a little time for yourself every day with uplifting quotes, positive affirmations, mindfulness meditations, and writing prompts that only take 10 to 15 minutes.
  • An inclusive approach—Discover guidance designed to uplift and awaken all spirits, regardless of religious beliefs, personal background, or identity.


Expand your consciousness and unlock the best version of yourself with this standout among spirituality books.