Mindfulness Workbook for Panic Attacks

Mindfulness Workbook for Panic Attacks

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Find relief with mindfulness

The feeling of a panic attack can be startling and terrifying. This panic attacks workbook offers effective mindfulness techniques to help you find relief from these distressing episodes. From meditation to anti-anxiety breathing exercises, you’ll learn strategies to help you worry less, better manage stress, and stay calm in the moment.

  • Mindfulness in action—Learn how to observe panic attacks without judgment, build trust in yourself, face anxiety with acceptance, and let go to move forward.
  • Panic attack specific—Explore targeted guidance focused solely on panic attacks for more effective solutions.
  • Empowering exercises—Easy-to-use writing prompts and affirmations help you to calm anxiety and live in the moment.


Soothe panic attacks and feel less anxious using this approachable mindfulness workbook.