Let's Play an Instrument: A Music Book for Kids

Let's Play an Instrument: A Music Book for Kids

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Rock out with this introduction to instruments—for kids 3 to 5

Get little ones excited about the power of music with a sweet story that explores different woodwind, string, brass, and percussion instruments. It’s sure to get your child’s head bopping and toes tapping.

What sets this apart from other music books for children:

  • How music is made—Explore all the sounds instruments can make, from the deep rumble of the bass to the jingle of the tambourine.
  • It’s ideal for story time—Make reading aloud a musical adventure with rhythmic language that kids will love and want to read again and again.
  • Charming illustrations—Vibrant pictures convey the fun of playing music and are sure to delight kids and parents alike.


Get young children jazzed about music with Let’s Play an Instrument.