Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Journal

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Journal

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Cultivate greater well-being through acceptance and commitment therapy

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) combines the proven power of mindfulness and cognitive behavioral techniques to improve your mental health. This guided journal provides ACT-based prompts and practices that help you focus on the positive and foster greater self-awareness—so you can truly thrive.

What sets this ACT daily journal apart:

  • An introduction to ACT—Learn how ACT can help you practice mindfulness, identify your deepest values, and move toward greater meaning and purpose.
  • The six core principles—Explore exercises organized by each pillar of ACT: cognitive defusion, acceptance, contacting the present, the observing self, values, and committed action.
  • A variety of exercises—Discover affirmations, writing prompts, thought exercises, meditations, and other activities that show you how to implement ACT techniques in your life.


Boost your overall mental wellness with the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Journal.