Executive Functioning Activities

Executive Functioning Activities

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Build executive functioning skills while having a blast—for kids 4 to 12

Strong executive functioning skills are critical to thriving at school, at home, and beyond. Of course, some children need a little assistance when it comes to things like time management or self-control—and that’s perfectly okay! This workbook is full of engaging activities, crafts, and games to help kids and parents build those skills together.

  • Executive function basics—Learn how children typically develop executive functioning skills, all while exploring the different facets like task initiation, impulse control, working memory, and organization.
  • Evidence-based strategies—Discover a variety of positive techniques as you work toward helping your child improve behavior, limit frustrations, and build intrinsic motivation.
  • Engaging activities—Foster skills like flexibility and planning through play, with 100+ games and exercises created to target specific areas of executive functioning, including Freeze Dance and Feelings Forecast.


Set your child up for success with this effective executive functioning workbook for kids.