Moroccan Tagine Cookbook for Beginners

Moroccan Tagine Cookbook for Beginners

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Explore the flavors of Morocco without leaving home

Tagines are a staple of Moroccan cuisine. Named after the earthenware pot in which they’re cooked, tagines build layers of flavor to produce dynamic dishes. The Moroccan Tagine Cookbook for Beginners shows you how to use and maintain this traditional cooking tool, with easy recipes and step-by-step instructions to set you up for success. One bite and you’ll feel like you’ve been whisked off to Marrakech! 

  • Tagine 101—Learn all about tagines as you delve into their history, their versatility, their maintenance, and more.
  • A taste of Morocco—Explore the different herbs and spices frequently used in Moroccan food, and start infusing your dishes with fragrant flavors like cardamom, coriander, and ras el hanout.
  • A range of recipes—Discover 75 delectable dishes any beginner can easily master, including Beef with Herbed Garlic-Stuffed Potatoes in Harissa Sauce and Chicken with Preserved Lemon, Potato, and Green Olives.


Prepare mouthwatering meals in your tagine with this Moroccan cookbook for beginners.