28-Day Mediterranean Diet Heart-Healthy Solution

28-Day Mediterranean Diet Heart-Healthy Solution

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Boost your heart health with a delicious Pesco-Mediterranean diet

A healthy heart is tied to a healthy diet—but figuring out what to eat can feel overwhelming. This cookbook is the perfect solution. It highlights how a pescatarian version of the Mediterranean diet promotes cardiovascular health with seafood, vegetables, and whole grains. Discover clear guidance, flavorful recipes, and simple meal plans that make it easy to eat right for your heart. 

  • Start with the basics—Learn why the Pesco-Mediterranean diet is especially beneficial for your heart, which foods to eat and which to avoid, and how to build a balanced plate.
  • A range of tasty recipes—Stay motivated to maintain healthy habits with a variety of satisfying dishes, from Fresh Gazpacho Soup to Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Snapper.
  • 28-day meal plan—Kick-start your new diet and take the guesswork out of what to cook with four weeks' worth of meal plans.


Improve your heart health and eat well with this pescatarian-focused Mediterranean Diet Cookbook.