The Mental Health Journal for Christians

The Mental Health Journal for Christians

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Find strength in God’s Word as you prioritize your mental health

Focusing on your mental health can feel overwhelming, but with this supportive mindfulness journal, you’ll learn how your faith can guide you to a happier, healthier life. Inside you’ll find Biblical quotes and prompts to remind you of God’s unconditional love, plus short, therapeutic practices to help you take charge of your mental well-being.

What sets the Mental Health Journal for Christians apart from other guided journals:

  • A holistic approach—Shift your perspective and cultivate positivity by covering every area of your mental health, including your emotional, psychological, and social well-being.
  • Scripture and prompts that inspire—Immerse yourself in Scripture, prayer, and writing exercises that will help you become more resilient and build healthy relationships.
  • Faith and self-care—Feel all the peace and joy God offers, and reflect on what He has to say about your mental health as you learn self-care practices that will nurture you for the rest of your life.


Turn to God as you focus on your mental health using the exercises and words of wisdom found in the pages of this journal.