Parenting Your Transgender Teen

Parenting Your Transgender Teen

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Love and support your transgender teen

You’re probably reading this because your teenager shared something important about themselves. You want to be supportive, but what does “supportive” mean to transgender, nonbinary, or gender nonconforming teens? This parenting book provides positive parenting tools to support your teen on their journey of self-discovery plus strategies to help you build a stronger relationship with them.

What sets this love-centered parenting book apart from other books on parenting teens:

  • Learn—Read about trans identity and learn how gender has been studied throughout history to help you put your child’s gender identity into context.
  • Communicate—Show your teen you care by learning the terms used to describe gender identity and how to talk to them about their experiences in accurate and affirming ways.
  • Support—Discover ways you can support your teens' gender expression, like helping them find clothes that fit or taking them to a gender-affirming salon.
  • Advocate—Learn how to talk about your teen’s gender to friends and family, how to support your child in school, and the laws that protect trans people from discrimination and harassment.


There’s a world of information and support out there for you and your teen, and by picking up this book you’re taking the first step.