The Mindfulness Workbook for PTSD

The Mindfulness Workbook for PTSD

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Relieve your PTSD symptoms using mindfulness

Dealing with PTSD is difficult, but with the right tools it’s possible to find relief from your symptoms and liberate yourself from the past. This supportive mental health workbook can help you become more resilient with mindfulness strategies that will help you regulate your emotions and show yourself more compassion.

What sets this PTSD workbook apart from other mental health books:

  • An overview of PTSD and mindfulness—Discover how to identify the signs of PTSD and learn why the practice of mindfulness is so beneficial for managing its symptoms.
  • Insightful self-reflection—Before you begin your mindfulness journey you’ll assess your symptoms, take a look at the problems you’re having as a result of your trauma, and learn how mindful you currently are.
  • Empowering exercises—Immerse yourself in powerful mindfulness exercises centered on practicing emotional acceptance, breath awareness, interrupting negative thought patterns, and more.
  • Hope for the future—Feel inspired and empowered on your recovery journey by regaining control of your life as you form healthy new habits you can turn to whenever you need them.


Reduce the stress of your trauma and learn to live in the moment with The Mindfulness Workbook for PTSD.