Dinosaurs! My First Book About Herbivores

Dinosaurs! My First Book About Herbivores

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Discover 30 awesome herbivores!

Did you know the Amargasaurus had huge spikes along its neck? Or that Triceratops could run as fast as a racehorse? Millions of years ago, more than 500 different species of plant-eating dinosaurs lived on our green planet. These dinosaurs helped the ecosystem by spreading seeds while their specially shaped teeth could chomp through any vegetation and keep the forests from overgrowing. From the massive, long-necked Sauroposeidon, to the powerfully spiked Stegosaurus, to the head-butting Pachycephalosaurus, fun facts and fantastic illustrations will show you how these extraordinary herbivores lived and defended themselves against predators.

Dinosaurs! My First Book About Herbivores includes:

  • Tons of dino-mite trivia
  • Incredible full-color illustrations
  • Fun, fact-filled profiles on 30 plant-eating herbivores


Dig into the fascinating world of plant-eating dinosaurs with Dinosaurs! My First Book About Herbivores!