How to Cook Vegetables: Essential Skills and 90 Foolproof Recipes (with 270 Variations)

How to Cook Vegetables: Essential Skills and 90 Foolproof Recipes (with 270 Variations)

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The vegetable cookbook that takes eating your veggies from obligation to celebration

We all know that eating more vegetables is a healthy idea, but sometimes recipe inspiration doesn’t strike. How to Cook Vegetables is the vegetable cookbook that makes it easy to add veggies into your day! Discover 90 delicious recipes (with 270 variations), indispensable tips, and plenty of creative ideas. It’s time to squash the notion that eating your vegetables is a chore.

This vegetable cookbook starts with a primer on tools and pantry essentials. Get familiar with how to select and handle 30 common (and a few not-so-common) vegetables. Explore veggie-forward recipes that highlight the variety and vibrance of their ingredients, so you can focus on fun, flavor, and satisfaction―not just nutrition.

Inside this vegetable cookbook you’ll find:

  • 90 De-leek-table recipes―Dig into vegetarian, vegan, meat, and seafood dishes with 270 possible variations: Creamy Kale Artichoke Dip, Sweet and Spicy Citrus Salad, Sloppy Joe–Stuffed Peppers, Pumpkin Tofu Curry with Green Beans, and more.
  • Easy peasy profiles―The at-a-glance profiles in this vegetable cookbook tell you how to select, store, prep, pair, and substitute for 30 essential vegetables.
  • Un-beet-able techniques―Find everything you need to know: kitchen must-haves, basic knife skills, and foolproof methods for roasting, steaming, boiling, and even quick-pickling.


Turnip the volume on flavorful, nourishing meals with this essential vegetable cookbook!