Dairy Free Cookbook for Kids: 100 Recipes for Busy Families

Dairy Free Cookbook for Kids: 100 Recipes for Busy Families

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100 Deliciously dairy free, kid-friendly recipes even your pickiest eater will love

It can be a challenge to create dairy free meals that are affordable, nutritious, and friendly to kids’ tastes. The Dairy-Free Cookbook for Kids is everything a dairy free cookbook should be―it helps simplify mealtime with 100 quick, scrumptious recipes for meals the entire family can enjoy.

Kids won’t feel like they’re missing out with family favorites like Everyday Oat Pancakes, Classic Chicken Nuggets, Lasagna Roll-Ups, and Chocolate Chunk Marshmallow Bars. The tasty recipes in this dairy free cookbook require minimal, simple ingredients you can find at your local grocery store and can be completed in less than an hour.

This dairy free cookbook includes:

  • Guide to living dairy free―This dairy free cookbook includes helpful info about reading food labels, stocking your pantry, and cooking with common dairy substitutes.
  • Tips for picky eaters―Explore 10 pointers for helping your picky eater adapt to dairy free foods while still enjoying a balanced diet, like making food fun and letting them prepare a dinner from this dairy free cookbook.
  • Make dairy free staples―Discover easy recipes for making everyday food staples that are free from dairy, like 6 kinds of plant-based milk, homemade shredded cheese, alfredo sauce, and beyond.


Whip up delicious dairy free meals for the whole family in no time―this dairy free cookbook will be your new favorite kitchen companion.