Meditations on Christ: A 5-Minute Guided Journal for Christians

Meditations on Christ: A 5-Minute Guided Journal for Christians

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A few minutes of prayer and meditation―a deeper connection with God

Prayer and meditation go hand in hand. Even a few moments in stillness can help us better embody Jesus’s likeness. Open your mind and heart to Him with Meditations on Christ, a meditation journal with 27 meditations to deepen your faith. The thoughtful prompts and blank writing pages of this meditation journal make it easy to absorb and reflect on Biblical truths―while gaining the stress-relieving benefits of meditation.

Discover how to integrate meditation practices into your modern Christian life. Explore a wide variety of meditations, paired with scriptural passages and prayers that you can make your own. The open-ended topics in this meditation journal can apply to your own experiences at work, at home, or at church.

Inside this guided meditation journal, you’ll find:

  • Meditate and reflect―Each meditation includes a Biblical verse, a unique prayer and meditation practice, and two journal prompts.
  • Guided by Scripture―Choose from meditations on joy, patience, faithfulness, and other qualities the Bible calls the “Fruit of the Spirit.”
  • Space for the Spirit―The beautifully illustrated format of this meditation journal includes room for you to write as you reflect on each prompt.

Find God’s guidance, clarity, and peace every day with Meditations on Christ―a guided meditation journal for your Christian faith.