The Easy Creole and Cajun Cookbook: Modern and Classic Dishes Made Simple

The Easy Creole and Cajun Cookbook: Modern and Classic Dishes Made Simple

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From Louisiana to your table with love―50 authentic Cajun and Creole recipes

Welcome to the perfect way to start cooking up sweet and savory Southern flavors in a flash. The Easy Creole and Cajun Cookbook makes it quick, easy, and affordable to spice up mealtime anytime with lots of crowd-pleasing one-pot and 30-minute options.

From authentic Shrimp, Sausage, and Grits to aromatic Crawfish Bisque, this complete Creole and Cajun cookbook delivers everything you need to get started simmering up these timeless and tasty family favorites at home. Get expert tips on how to stock your pantry, must-have kitchen appliances, and how to create and use local seasonings like the magical Cajun Trinity of fresh onions, celery, and bell pepper. Bon appetit!

The Easy Creole and Cajun Cookbook features:

  • 50 Classic and creative recipes―Discover lots of delicious Cajun and Creole dishes you can make and serve in minutes.
  • Simple ingredients―The recipes found in this Creole and Cajun cookbook use easy-to-find ingredients, and there are even substitution tips if you want to experiment a bit.
  • Essential extras―Get quick, easy recipes and storage tips for regional cooking bases, including roux, stock, and seasoning blends.


It’s simple to serve up some home-cooked Southern fare with flair with The Easy Creole and Cajun Cookbook.