Understanding Fertility Awareness Methods: Gaining Control of Your Fertility

Understanding Fertility Awareness Methods: Gaining Control of Your Fertility

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Track your fertility through science and strategy―a modern guide to understanding FAM

Pregnancy isn’t always easy. For couples trying to conceive, navigating the complex charts and techniques behind Fertility Awareness Methods (FAM) can add stress and confusion to an already difficult journey. Understanding Fertility Awareness Methods is here to help, with medically accurate information to guide your decisions about if, when, and how to build a family.

This friendly and compassionate resource can help you if you’re ready to get pregnant, if you’re concerned about your future fertility, or if you just want more control over your reproductive health. Learn the science behind different FAM methods, from Basal Body Temperatures to cycle calendars, and how tracking them can maximize your chances of conceiving.

Understanding Fertility Awareness Methods offers:

  • Fertility 101―Discover the mechanics of menstruation, fertility, and pregnancy, and how to familiarize yourself with your own body and cycle.
  • Charting and tracking―Learn to track the different facets of your fertility using everything from pen-and-paper charts to apps and wearables.
  • Complete health―Explore options about your long-term reproductive wellness, as well as the conditions that affect fertility, and when you should seek medical evaluation.
  • Timing is everything―Develop a fertility strategy that lets you know when you’re at your most fertile and why, so you’ll be able to act when the time is right.


Feel empowered and informed along the road of your fertility journey with this approachable and friendly guide.